Where Is…Nika from Next Stop Abroad

Welcome to this week’s “Where Is…?” – a new feature where I get to chat to fellow wanderers from all over the world about their recent adventures.

This week I’d like to introduce you to Nika – a former figure skater who moved to Brno in the Czech Republic four years ago to study and pursue her career. She is diving deeper into photography and has become obsessed with visiting cockpits after each flight.

Her blog Next Stop Abroad is full of lots of colourful pictures and reveals tips and advice for travelling across Europe and the US, focusing on road-trips mostly.

Where is...Nika from Next Stop Abroad?
Welcome to “Where Is…” Nika. So what’s it like living in Brno? 

I am renting a shared house with few other people. Brno is relatively small place so if I want, I’d be able to walk to the city in around 50 minutes. Brno is a beautiful, historical city, famous for its vine cellars, beer pubs and cafes. It does not matter what time of the day you go out, this city never sleeps. On top of that, people are very friendly and the city is full of interesting people and foreigners so you would never feel bored here. If you are visiting as a traveller, staying in Brno is definitely less expensive compared to Western Europe.

Where is...Nika from Next Stop Abroad?

Wine, beer and coffee…three of my favourite things! What is the weather like at this time of year? 

Cold. Too cold for me at least. I am wearing my winter shoes and coat every day. But as much as I do not enjoy cold weather in the city, I cannot wait to go to the mountains and ski.

Where Is...Nika from Next Stop Abroad?

I’m not a lover of the cold either Nika! So what activities do you get up to?

I am not a city person so I prefer day trips to the surrounding mostly. I love visiting caves in Moravsky Kras, Lednice caste, but also Brno Dam & Veveri Castle. Usually I prefer to walk to the castle around the dam and take a boat on the way back. We also have a small castle called Spilberg in the city centre and it offers a very nice view of the city.

Do you have any local tips for anyone who might want to visit Brno?

Day trips to Southern Moravia region (famous vine region with many historical sites) and to bigger cities like Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest and Prague are more than recommended by me!

Brno has much to offer in each direction – whether it is culture/ food/ nature or jobs & career. I find it to be a safe city to live in and visit. And although it is relatively small, there is always so much to do. If you are around, do let me know and we can plan a trip together!

Where Is...Nika from Next Stop Abroad?
Where Is...Nika from Next Stop Abroad?
Thanks Nika! I will! So do you have any other travels planned soon?

I am heading to Canary Islands soon and I am very excited about this trip! It is gonna be the last trip in 2015 and as I am travelling with two great colleagues I am pretty sure it is going to be a legendary trip!

The perfect place to escape the cold! What three must-have items do you always take away with you? 

I am addicted to taking pictures so I am always taking my camera with me. When I travel, I need to have fully charged mobile with me and printed plane tickets. And lipstick. And food. I cannot travel without the food.

Where Is...Nika from Next Stop Abroad?
And finally, what has been yourfavouritedestination so far?

I really liked California, especially the San Francisco Bay Area. I met few great people, I tried so many delicious foods and on top of that, I finally learned how to eat with chopsticks!! Haha, yep, I still cannot believe I learnt it in the US either. Once in California, I strongly recommend visiting Yosemite National Park. Those views blew me away completely.

You can follow more of Nika’s adventures on her blog Next Stop Abroad or on Twitter @NextStopAbroad.

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