Where Is…Nikoleta from The Bonfire Dream?

This week on “Where Is…?” I have been talking to Nikoleta, the blogger and travel writer behind The Bonfire Dream. Nikoleta currently studies in Vienna, using her weekends and vacations to travel extensively around Europe.

Last summer she managed to visit 14 countries alone! To top things off, she tells me her studies involve a lot of travel too, from volleyball championships in Geneva to various school events in Paris or New York – she has managed to squeeze in quite a lot of trips!

Her blog focuses mainly on her adventures around Europe, and today she talks to me about what it is like living in beautiful Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Where Is...Nikoleta from the Bonfire Dream

Hi Nikoleta! What’s life like in Vienna? 

It is a place that is very close to my heart because of it’s stunning architecture, endless opportunities to have fun, to be active or just laze around. I strongly believe that Vienna is one of the cities that can accommodate any kind of traveller, which means it is ideal place for me to “settle” until I finish my studies, because I like everything here.

Where Is...Nikoleta from the Bonfire Dream

What have been your highlights in Vienna so far?

I have gone through all the main hotspots of Vienna and then I got digging out other special places. One of the most memorable ones I would mention is Dialog im Dunkel – a museum that was created by blind people. It is under ground in complete darkness. It is arranged to remind us of real-life situations; you have to cross the road, go through a forest, name an object that you are holding and try to be decent while eating or flirting in a bar. I enjoyed it endlessly and I am planning to take anyone visiting Vienna there. It’s special.

Another place that I found very interesting is “Time Travel”. It is an interactive museum that will give you some insights into the history, culture and development of Vienna. Spoiler alert: you get to talk with the greatest monarchs and watch 5D cinema.

Where Is...Nikoleta from the Bonfire Dream

The best tour that I can think of to actually walk around Vienna is PolaWalk. It is basically a tour around the city with an interesting twist – you get introduced to how to use Polaroid cameras, you get one camera and you can take eight pictures as you are introduced to this wonderful city.

In the evening, it would be a sin to miss visiting a performance in the city of music. Be it musical, a theatre piece, opera, ballet, you have to visit at least one. And then hurray! for the night life. I have to admit, nightlife in Vienna is one of my greatest pleasures 🙂

Where Is...Nikoleta from the Bonfire Dream

You’ve explored a lot of other European destinations that are on your doorstep. Can you recommend any other places to go? 

There are plenty of places outside of the city where it is possible to hike or visit district museums. For that you can go to Bratislava, Prague, Talinn, Riga…those are cities that still have such precious spots.

Where are you off to next? Why have you chosen to go to that destination? 

This year is my year of travel!! In February I might go to Lyon, France or go back to my homeland for a visit. Then in April I have a chance of visiting India with focus of volunteering for Maher, a charity that I have been supporting for a long time now. Around May, I will go to Lunz for biological investigations and during the summer I have two months of doing nothing, so I will surely come up with a plan 😉 That’s too far ahead though.

Where Is...Nikoleta from the Bonfire Dream

And finally, what has been your favourite destination so far?

There are two favourite destinations of mine, firstly Austria, where I am right now for it’s special atmosphere and then Italy for the hot sun, cool sea and loud parties.

You can follow more of Nikoleta’s adventures on her blog and Twitter.

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