Austrivia: How Well Do You Know The Land Down Under?

Did you know that around 680,000 Brits head over to Australia each year? But how much do we really know about our cousins in the land down under?

Leading travel specialist, Austravel, recently put us Brits to the test with an independent survey that focused on the climate, wildlife and geography of Australia. The idea of the research was to see just how accurate the average UK citizen’s perception of the country actually is.

And well….the results are in….and despite our close ties with Australia, the survey showed that us Brits could definitely do with brushing up on our knowledge of the world’s smallest continent.

Although kangaroos are as Australian as fish and chips are British, 22% of those surveyed did not know that they were Australia’s national animal. In Scotland, this was even higher with nearly a third not picking the much-loved marsupial.

Many were savvy on Australia’s climate, with 65.8% of those involved knowing that Australia’s winter falls during the months of UK’s summer and only 12.8% believing they have the same winter months as us. However, just 34.2% knew that Perth is Australia’s sunniest city – with almost half of those from Wales and Northern Island,(46.9%) picking Sydney as their answer.

While 62% of those surveyed managed to name Australia’s capital city as Canberra, if respondents had checked their spelling, this would have been much higher. Answers included Camberetta, Cambera, Cambebra and Cambar – one respondent even replied honestly with ‘don’t know how to spell it’. Almost a quarter of respondents (24%), however thought that Sydney was the capital city.

Looking at the results by age; 71% of those 65+ had never visited Australia, however scored higher than any other age group. Those aged 18 – 24 were the least likely to get the answers right, followed by those aged 25 – 34.

So…how well do you know the land down under? 

To test your own knowledge, Austravel has created a quick and fun quiz containing 16 questions on Australian trivia. Be warned though, there are some tough questions in there!

Click on the image below to take the quiz and find out how Aussie you really are! And don’t forget to share your scores in the comments below! (if it makes you feel any better…I scored a shameful 9/16 – and I’ve even been there!) For more posts on my time in Australia, click here.


Source: Press release, imagery and statistics were provided by Austravel. 

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  • Reply
    Jenny Wenham
    February 15, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    Even as an Australian I only got 14, but I did have to guess a few. Some of these aren’t really general knowledge and some are very much “who cares?”

  • Reply
    Birthe (from Wandering.World)
    February 15, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    We’re currently in Australia, started in Sydney about 3 weeks ago and are now on the Great Ocean Road. I got a 10, but I have to admit there were a few lucky guesses. I agree with Jenny, some questions are like “what?”, I wouldn’t even know this about my home country! Still a fun little quiz.

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