Where Is…The Endless Adventure?

Welcome to this week’s “Where Is…?” – a weekly feature where I get to speak to fellow wanderers about where they are in the world. This week I have been chatting to Allison and Eric, a husband-and-wife-duo who sold everything and left their home in San Francisco in search of adventure. They make some brilliant vlogs about their travels and also blog about living a minimalist, nomadic lifestyle. You can check them out and follow along at The Endless Adventure.

Where Is...The Endless Adventure?

Welcome Allison and Eric! So, tell us…where in the world are you? 

We’re currently in Dubrovnik, Croatia with our good friends, Matt and Nikita. Our friends are only here for a couple weeks, but Eric and I just started travelling full-time. This is the start of our travels outside of the US and we’re already blown away!

What is the weather like at this time of year? 

The weather’s been lovely! It’s been sunny and fairly warm (around 70 F) during the day which is perfect sightseeing weather, especially when you’re walking all over the city like us. Nights have been a bit cool, but nothing a light sweater won’t fix. We would definitely be okay with it being a few degrees warmer, but at the same time, we’re glad it’s not 90+ F like it typically is here later in the summer.

Where Is...The Endless Adventure?  
Where are you staying and what’s it like? 

We’re staying in an Airbnb about a mile west of the Old Town. We have views of the Adriatic Sea from our balcony and a grocery store with beer on the first floor of our building – we may never leave!! Luckily most of the top things to do in Dubrovnik are located in the Old Town and since the city is small and runs along the water, you really can’t go wrong wherever you end up staying!

What activities have you been up to during your stay? 

We’ve loved exploring the ancient city walls and wandering down the infinite alleys in the Old Town. So far our favourite day has been hiking up Mt Srd, having a drink at the restaurant at the top (which overlooks the entire city) and then taking the cable car back down at sunset.

Where Is...The Endless Adventure?

Can you recommend any unusual or fun things to do?

If you’re a big Game of Thrones fan like us, you’ll be excited to learn that some of the most iconic scenes were actually filmed in Dubrovnik! You can pay to take one of many GoT tours, but we’d recommend saving your money and looking up a self-guided tour online.

Another way to save money is to hike up Mount Srd and ride the car back down – not only do you save money by doing a one-way ride, but the slow reveal of the city as you hike higher and higher makes for an hour or so of increasingly awesome views and photo ops.

If you have time, we’d also recommend renting a car and taking a day trip either further up Croatia’s coast or doing a loop through Bosnia and Montenegro which are both less than an hour away! Think of how many countries you can cross off your list in just a day!

Where Is...The Endless Adventure?

Do you have any travel tips for anyone visiting Dubrovnik?

Also, when you’re in the Old Town, don’t eat or drink at any of the restaurants on the main street! Instead, walk down any of the alleys to find amazing cafes, hidden bars, and adorable kitty cats (Dubrovnik is filled with cats!).

Dubrovnik is beautiful, but it’s also pretty touristy and expensive compared to the rest of Croatia. It’s worth visiting, but if you’re really trying to stick to a budget, you’ll probably want to book a place with a kitchen so you can cook your own food and/or look into a shared Airbnb or hostel.

Where Is...The Endless Adventure?  
Where are you off to next? Why have you chosen to go to that destination?

Next up for us is Copenhagen for a week, then Berlin for two, then who knows!! We’re pretty bad at making long-term plans, so we’re currently just picking our next destinations based on the cheapest train/flight prices haha!  

Having no plans is always a good plan! What three must-have items are in your backpack right now and why? 

Our must-have items would be our day packs which we fill with sunscreen and water (a lot of places charge you for water here), our T-Mobile international sim cards (hello data!) so we can navigate through the alleys and check TripAdvisor when we get hungry, and our GoPro which we’ve used to capture an amazing sunset timelapse and get some really amazing, ultra-wide photos.

Where Is...The Endless Adventure?

And finally, what has been your favourite destination so far?

Our favourite destination based on the views is probably the Grand Canyon followed closely by the Great Wall, but our all-time favourite places are Austin and west Texas (we liked Texas so much, we wrote a blog post about it!). But seriously, if you’re ever in the states, we highly recommend doing a road trip from Austin, TX through Marfa, TX and up to the Grand Canyon – it’s a really quirky and unique way to see the states!

We’re just getting started with our European travels though, so I have a feeling we’ll be singing a different tune pretty soon 🙂

You can follow more of Allison and Eric’s adventures on their blog The Endless Adventure or on their YouTube Channel. 

If you’re a travel blogger and would like to take part in this guest interview series, feel free to send me an email at whereisnoodles@gmail.com

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