Where Is…Eppie Shepherd?

On this week’s “Where Is…?”  interview series I have invited the lovely Eppie Shepherd to tell us about her recent adventures in Cornwall, UK. Currently living in London, Eppie is a keen explorer whether it be eating her way around the city or camping in the African bush! She is a self-confessed foodie and can’t resist ordering the craziest sounding cocktail on the menu.

When it comes to travelling, Eppie admits she suffers from the common wanderlust and can be often found scrolling through last minute deals, badgering her friends to plan their next adventure or reminiscing over her most recent trip. Her blog, Eppie.me.uk (if you’ve got a unique name you might as well use it!) is a tongue-in-cheek, storytelling account of her adventures and her life in London.

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?

Where in the world have you been most recently? 

I recently got back from a lovely long weekend in one of my favourite places in the UK, Cornwall. As a kid, my family holidays were mostly spent exploring the South Coast and at least once a month I would beg my Dad to take me camping at the weekend. I spent a lot of my childhood in Cornwall so last month my Dad and I decided to take the long trip down with his dog Poppy and revisit a lot of places that 5 year old Eppie spent exploring!

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?

What is the weather like at this time of year? 

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We went over the last weekend of October and it was the perfect combination of the last of the summer sun with a crisp ocean breeze. Autumn is my favourite season and I couldn’t think of anywhere better to spend it than in the English countryside by the sea. One day the sunshine was so strong I didn’t even need a coat – you don’t need to go to the South of France to soak up some rays!

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?
Where did you stay? 

We stayed in a lovely sea view cottage in Marazion, Cornwall’s oldest town. It had a perfect view over the ocean and St Michael’s Mount from a cute little conservatory and bedroom balcony. It was a lovely base for our adventures with an open fire to cry at Saving Mr Banks in front of, and just a short walk away from the town that had classic seaside shops, lovely seafood restaurants and of course a moment’s walk from the beaches that are dog friendly after September.

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?
What activities did you get up to?

We spent each day exploring a part of South West Cornwall starting with one of the best meals I’ve ever had at The Shore in Penzance. As a foodie I can’t help but research the top restaurants in the place I’m going to and I’d heard incredible things about The Shore so couldn’t resist a visit. There are only a few dishes to choose from but each was fresh and beautifully flavoursome.

The next day we drove around the coastline stopping off at Minack’s Theatre, Lands End and St Ives. I would highly recommend a visit to Minack’s, an amazing cliff side theatre that is famous for its ocean view and open air performances. St Ives is everything you could hope for in an English seaside town – art galleries, boutique shops, live bands playing by the harbour and dog friendly strips of sand.

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?

Of course we also visited St Michael’s Mount, an incredible landmark that sits across from the beach. During low tide you can walk across or take a rocky boat when the water laps over the path. Dogs are allowed in the town but not up to the castle, which is more than worth a visit. Expect incredible views, lush greenery and a fascinating history of its previous residents.

On our last day we stopped off in Polperro which is as fairy-tale-like as its name. The famous harbour town has an abundance of cosy cafes down narrow paths that lead to a patch of caves and sand.

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?

Can you recommend any things to do or avoid?

Lands End was unfortunately a little too touristy for me, it felt Americanised in the sense that everything had been taken advantage of. You couldn’t even approach the famous sign without paying for a picture! The view and surrounding area was beautiful so I’d recommend going if you want to cross it off your bucket list and fancy a walk along the cliff side.

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?
Any other travel tips you would like to add? 

Avoid the main roads and definitely drive along the coastline, there are so many lovely seaside towns to see and dramatic ocean views. Also make sure to research top restaurants and book in advance as most are quite small so book up quickly!

If you’re bringing you dog, most places are dog-friendly although some beaches only allow dogs out of season (September – May).

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?
Where are you off to next? 

I’m really excited to announce that this month I’m off on a spontaneous trip to Cortina in the Italian Alps for a last minute weekend getaway! I was honoured to be invited by the Ambra Hotel to experience this beautiful festive town. Although primarily a skiing destination, Cortina is also home to luxury shopping, a huge range of winter activities and quite honestly it looks like something out of a fairy tale surrounded by the dramatic Dolomites. I can’t wait.

Shortly after, I’m heading back into the cold for another festive trip, this time with my boyfriend to Budapest. It’s somewhere that’s been on my bucket list for a long time and we’re planning to celebrate our anniversary for 3 nights of thermal spas, Christmas markets and ruin bars. If anyone has any recommendations, particularly restaurants, for either of these destinations do let me know!

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?
What three must-have items are in your luggage and why? 

I am a camera addict so always take a silly amount of equipment! Apart from my Canon 80D I also take my GoPro Hero 4 with accessories, Gorillapod and mini tripod. I’m hoping to extend this collection with some more filters and lens over Christmas!

And finally, what has been your favourite destination so far?

This question always beats me! I can never give one destination so always cheat… sorry! My top 3 have to be Canada, Italy and Africa. Canada is somewhere that has blown my mind due to its incredible landscapes, amazing food and lovely people. It’s somewhere that I hope to move to in the future.

Where is...Eppie Shepherd?

Italy again is that one place that I’m just drawn to, even before I’d ever been. The food, wine, culture and art is everything I love and it’s so varied from the top to bottom.

Africa is so precious to me. It’s the place where I discovered my love for travel in Kenya, it’s where I’ve met the most inspiring, special people in Rwanda that I will never forget, and its home to overwhelming natural beauty, wildlife and culture from Botswana safari to Cape Town adventures.

You can follow along with more of Eppie’s adventures on her blog and on Instagram @eppie_s.

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