Where Is…Nisha from ‘And There She Goes Again’?

In this week’s Where Is…? blog series I have invited Nisha Dalal from And There She Goes Again – a blog about weekend and couples travel.

Dividing her time between Munich, Germany (where she lives) and Lausanne, Switzerland (where her partner lives), Nisha spends as much of her spare time exploring new places. In this week’s interview, Nisha talks about their recent trip to Greece’s hidden gem, Pelion.

Where Is...Nisha from 'And There She Goes Again'?
Where in the world have you been lately? What was it like? 

It is difficult to get out of the wonderland of Central Greece. I feel I am still in the magical forest of Pelion. Lush green unspoilt forests with small mountain villages between them and the occasional glimpse of the coastline – it is a part of Greece, I never knew existed.

It all started with the wedding bells from a very close friend of mine. She was getting married in her hometown in Central Greece and invited me and my partner to celebrate the big day with her.

We have been meaning to explore Greece for a while and this was a perfect chance for us. With some local suggestions from our amazing bride-to-be friend, we planned a 10 day off-the-beaten trip to Greece. We started our trip at Thessaloniki, and travelling through the unbelievable Meteora, we found our way to Pelion

What was the weather like? 

We were expecting the weather to be a bit cold, but surprisingly the weather was warm and pleasant. I was happy that my summer dresses got another chance to see the world before going in the cupboard for next nine or ten months!

Where did you stay?

We stayed in a huge apartment we found via Airbnb in Volos. Volos is a big port city near the Pelion mountain. It makes a wonderful spot for staying overnight. And it is the city of ‘Tschipuoro-Meze’, which is basically multiple platters of food coming your way with every Tschipuoro you order!

Where Is...Nisha from 'And There She Goes Again'?

What activities did you get up to? What was your highlight? 

Walking around the villages is a must. Keep an eye for the walnuts you might find lying around on your way! We also visited the shining exclusive beaches of Kala Nera as a day trip. You can also mix it up with a steam train ride (only on weekends) from Ano Lechonia to Milies and then an hour or two hike (mostly downhill) to Kala Nera. Other than Pelion, you can also take ferries to islands of Central Greece from Volos. My personal favourite was the half day trip to Meteora. Stunning vertical rocks with monasteries on top of them. And they are huge!

Where Is...Nisha from 'And There She Goes Again'?

Can you recommend any things to do? 

I definitely recommend walking in the Pelion forest, preferably with a local guide. Explore Tsagkarada and Portaria. Hike around the small mountain villages with exotic Mediterranean coastal views. I would recommend renting a car if you can because buses are not very frequent between the villages. If you want to do it by public transport, go ahead! It is equally as fun, but just remember to take note of the bus schedule. I also recommend staying away from the mountain dogs! Other than that, just enjoy the flavourful fresh Greek cuisine and don’t miss out the meze.

Any other travel tips you would like to add? 

I am a big fan of offbeat and offseason experiences. Same places give completely different experiences in different seasons, especially when they are not crowded. We found so many stunning beaches around Pelion, which we had exclusively to ourselves because either the crowd was at Santorini or they don’t consider October to be a good time to travel to Greece.

Where Is...Nisha from 'And There She Goes Again'?

What three must-have items are always in your luggage and why? 

Camera, my smartphone, a bottle of water, comfortable shoes and some cash! Always!

And finally, what has been your favourite destination so far?

Ohh. That is a difficult question. But I think I would say Iceland. A stunning place with out-of-the-world landscapes! It will always be a special place for me as I started blogging after my trip to Iceland. I felt the need to share those stunning pictures from this super cool elf-land. And I am dying to visit it again sometime.

You can follow along with more of Nisha’s adventures on her blog And There She Goes Again or on Twitter @nisha_andthere

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