Where Is…Emma from Where’s That To?

Welcome to this week’s Where Is…? interview – a series dedicated to finding out where some of my fellow bloggers have been exploring recently. Today I’ll be chatting to Mrs Emma Badger, the lady behind the travel blog Where’s That To?

Emma is a serial ‘wanderluster’ and photographer from Bristol, UK.  Having already experienced 15 countries across three continents, she is planning an around the world trip which she and her husband will embark on this year. But first, lets talk about her honeymoon in Costa Rica – a place that is high on my travel wish list.

Where Is...Emma from Where's That To?

Where in the world are you? What is it like?

This trip is my honeymoon in Costa Rica, so it is a luxury vacation and more expensive than I would normally spend! I spent the first week travelling on a coach trip from the North to the South of the country, the second week was spent in the North.

Costa Rica is a vibrant and exciting country, there is an abundance of brightly coloured wildlife and friendly faces. Did you know that Costa Rica has been voted as one of the happiest countries in the world? Their motto is ‘Pura Vida’ which means ‘Pure Life’.

Where Is...Emma from Where's That To?

Where did you stay?

I stayed in a few different places as I moved around the country, but my favourite place was definitely Salva Verde Eco Lodge. It is about 2 hours from San Jose and is a rainforest reserve. With beautiful wooden lodges, surrounded by the unique sounds of the jungle, I would say it is my favourite place I have ever stayed. It isn’t often that you can leave your room and bump into a troop of howler monkeys!

Where Is...Emma from Where's That To?

What activities did you get up to? What was your highlight?

Costa Rica is such a diverse country that there really is something for everyone! I spent a lot of time looking for and photographing the wildlife – there really are animals everywhere! On days where I wanted a bit of adrenaline, I did zip lining, jet skiing and a water slide through the jungle. For the more sedate days, I relaxed in the natural spas heated by Arenal Volcano, did a coffee tour or relaxed on the beautiful beaches.

My absolute highlight from Costa Rica was the Montverde Hummingbird Garden. They are so beautiful and truly amazing to watch, zipping past your head, pausing for a couple of seconds and then whizzing off again! You really won’t be disappointed by any of the wildlife trails, on one occasion I didn’t see anything (other than ants), but it didn’t matter as the views were amazing.

Any other travel tips you would like to add? 

Costa Rica is a haven for sea turtles – unfortunately I didn’t see any, but if you do some research you can spot some throughout the whole year, in different areas of the country.

Where Is...Emma from Where's That To?

Where are you off to next? Why have you chosen to go to that destination? 

I have just got back from Lapland – the complete opposite end of the scale to Costa Rica! I am going to be staying at home in Bristol, UK for a while but I am going on a big trip from South Africa, through Botswana and Namibia and finishing in Zambia. Being a wildlife fan, I am very excited to go back to Africa.

What three must-have items are in your backpack and why? 

I am really fair skinned, so I ALWAYS need sun tan lotion – and lots of it! I used two 500ml bottles in two weeks in Costa Rica, luckily I had packed plenty as it isn’t cheap there.

Being a keen photographer, I take my camera everywhere! I have a Nikon D3200. I always make sure my phone has battery too, as it is sometimes quicker to whip my phone out of my pocket and get a shot, than it is to get my camera out of my backpack.

A must-have item for Costa Rica is a DEET insect repellent – at dawn and dusk there are lots of mosquitoes, especially in the rainforest and cloud forest areas.

Where Is...Emma from Where's That To?

And finally, what has been your favourite destination so far?

I love many destinations, all for different reasons, but the one which has stuck with me the most is Zambia. My Grandmother moved there to teach maths in a small village, my parents took me to visit her when I was 8 years old. Africa was so different to anything I had ever experienced, I am sure that that trip was where my travel bug was born! With safari, Victoria Falls, glorious sunshine and lovely people I am really excited to go back there this year,  over 15 years later.

You can follow along with more of Emma’s adventures on her blog Where’s That To or on Twitter @Wheres_that_to

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