Travelling While Pregnant: Why You Shouldn’t Write It Off

Travelling may be the last thing on your mind when you’re expecting a baby — but don’t dismiss it completely. If your doctor clears you to set off on a pre-baby holiday then there is a world of benefits, if you time it right.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t write off pregnant travel.

1. It’s a chance to take a break

No matter how excited you are, planning for the arrival of your little one can feel overwhelming at times. There are doctors’ appointments to attend, clothes and equipment to buy, not to mention the emotional and physical changes that happen throughout your pregnancy. Travel gives you the opportunity to forget about your responsibilities for a few days and come back feeling refreshed.

Feeling overwhelmed? The Pregnancy Centre has a list of stress relief techniques to try.

Travelling While Pregnant: Why You Shouldn’t Write It Off

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2. You don’t have to travel far

Your holiday doesn’t need to be exotic to do the trick. A cosy, countryside staycation a couple of hours from home will do you the world of good, and if you fancy a bit of sun then there are several hotspots easily reached by a short flight.

Popular destinations for pre-baby breaks:

  • Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini
  • Nice, France
  • Seminyak, Bali
  • Hamilton Island, Australia
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Kiawah Island, US

Don’t forget to get medical clearance to travel before you book anything. Your doctor will be able to identify any underlying issues, answer any questions you might have, and put your mind at ease. And as Holidaysafe point out, they can also write a letter to the airline to assure them you’re fit for travel. Check out their pregnancy travel guide for more advice about preparing for your trip.

Travelling While Pregnant: Why You Shouldn’t Write It Off

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

3. It gives you space to think

Sometimes, it’s only when we stop and pause that we see a situation clearly. Time away will really help you focus on the upcoming challenge of parenthood and how you want to tackle it. Alternatively, you may want to have a break from thinking about anything baby-related at all! Whatever you decide, you’ll return home with a clearer head.

4. It’s an excuse to treat yourself

Pregnancy has a considerable impact on your life — it can be very hard work growing a human! So indulge in a treat or three, whether that’s uninterrupted time by the pool, sitting in a cosy fireside armchair with a book in hand, or being pampered from top to toe in the nearby spa.

5. It’s a chance for you and your partner to connect

Both of you will have concerns about the challenges ahead and this is the perfect opportunity to discuss them. According to The Bump, it’s better to reach common ground on key issues before your baby arrives (click here for more tips on preparing your relationship for parenthood).

Being able to communicate clearly and honestly is invaluable when you have a tiny newborn to take care of and need to support your child (and each other) by working together. Sharing the travel experience will also bring you closer together and create lifelong memories that may well see you through those first few weeks of sleepless nights.

Have you ever travelled while pregnant? Share your experiences with us below! 

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Travelling While Pregnant: Why You Shouldn’t Write It Off

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