4 Must-see Cities in Germany

Germany says ‘Willkommen!’ to over 30 million foreign tourists each year. From its North Sea coasts to its Alpine mountains in the south, Germany is a diverse country with so much to see and do. Germany’s economy is thriving, so perhaps you’re lucky enough to be travelling there on business. In a recent survey, 30% of workers admitted they’d be happier with a lower wage if it meant they’d have more access to business trips. Whatever your reason for visiting Germany, there’s something for every traveller in this vibrant country.


Berlin. Germany

Berlin is an obvious starting point, as Germany’s capital city with a rich and varied history. Landmarks like the Reichstag building and Brandenburg Gate are not to be missed. Although the Berlin Wall is gone, there’s a memorial visitor centre where you can learn more about the turbulent history of this once-divided city.

Berlin is well-known for its art scene, with a wide range of independent galleries, museums and a thriving creative sector.

Berlin is also home to some of the best food in Europe, with top-rated restaurants and delicious cuisines from all over the world. Good news for travellers with dietary restrictions, as there are plenty of speciality restaurants with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. 


Munich, Germany

Although Bavaria’s capital is best known as the home of Oktoberfest, attracting 6 million visitors each year, there’s so much more to Munich! Explore the city’s stunning neo-gothic architecture in the Marienplatz, with its famous glockenspiel clock. Munich has museums for all interests, from European art collections of the Alte Pinakothek to the beer museum. Beer lovers don’t have to wait until Oktoberfest to sample the city’s biggest export–they can enjoy brewery beer halls and Biergartens all year round! Munich is also a great base for exploring Bavaria and the Alps, including Neuschwanstein Castle, the romantic 19th-century castle that inspired the design of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. 


Cologne. Germany

One of Germany’s oldest cities, Cologne is a cultural capital with more than 2,000 years of history. Don’t miss the Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), a UNESCO world heritage site that draws pilgrims from around the world. Nearby, Museum Ludwig is home to an excellent collection of modern art, for those whose tastes are a bit more contemporary. Cologne’s picturesque old town was spared from the damage of the Second World War. In November and December, visitors can enjoy Cologne’s traditional Christmas market, one of the best in Europe. 


Heidelberg, Germany

The beautiful old-world charm of Heidelberg will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The cobbled streets and baroque architecture of the city centre are very Insta-worthy. Take a romantic walk across the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) and visit the ruins of Heidelberg Castle. It’s also home to the country’s oldest university, which gives this romantic 18th-century city a bit of a modern vibe. The abundance of students means you can find plenty of nightlife, cafes and bookshops.

What are your favourite cities in Germany? Share with us in the comments below!


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    Sana Langote
    September 24, 2019 at 10:13 am

    I would love to visit Berlin! I would definitely try its food & thank God it has restaurants with gluten-free options as I strictly follow my diet. Great post. Would like to read more about Germany. Thanks for sharing.

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