Tips for Maximising Travel Opportunities if you Work Full-time

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Working full-time is, of course, a necessity for so many of us. When it comes to travel, however, it can sometimes be a bit of a hindrance. Full-time hours and a specific annual leave allocation mean we have to be smart when it comes to booking and enjoying maximum holiday time.

It’s no secret that many of us love to travel – many of us would even accept lower salaries in exchange for more business trips!

If you work full-time, here are a few tips for maximising those travel opportunities as and when you can.

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Be tactical with booking holidays

Above everything else, being tactical with booking holidays is number one when it comes to getting the most out of travel opportunities.

Look at your holiday calendar for the year, make a note of the public and bank holidays (including when Easter and Christmas fall) and see where you could tactically book time off to make your holiday longer, without having to take any extra days.

Book long weekends and use these for mini-breaks, for example. A city break doesn’t need to be any longer than two nights and, as long as you get the most out of the days you arrive and depart, you’ll only need to book one holiday day. Make a list of where you want to go in the next year and work out how long you’ll need for each.

Also, take into account any flight time to your travel destinations throughout the year. For example, you don’t want to be going somewhere where you’ll be wasting a day by lying in bed with jetlag. Or if you do, plan the landing times tactically, too (and try to keep to your body clock so as not to disturb your circadian rhythm too much).

Seek out work from home opportunities

Or freelance; both of which give you more freedom when it comes to travel.

Working from home means you don’t have to worry about leaving enough time to get to the airport if you have a trip booked later in the day. You can simply leave earlier and continue working on the way, or work at the airport itself to maximise your time.

Going freelance gives you the ultimate freedom. You’ll still be working full-time, but instead of being tied to a desk or a particular place of work, you get the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. This means you can travel and work at the same time, perhaps even from the luxury of a beach. Bonus!

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Combine business with pleasure

If you can, combine business trips with your own personal trips.

If you’re travelling to a particular city for a work commitment, try to plan it so you can take a few extra days at the end for your own time to explore and make the most of it. You could even invite your loved one out for a romantic weekend! Just make sure your boss doesn’t mind, and if they do protest you can suggest paying for the return flight yourself instead of at the company’s expense to avoid being too cheeky.

Plan short trips

Shorter trips are great for maximising travel time and seeing multiple new places.

Make a list of all of the cities or places you want to visit and work out what you can do with your allocated holiday this year. Even combining two trips into one could work; spending a day or two in each location to maximise your available time. A balance has to be kept, though – it won’t be a very restful holiday if you spend half of it rushing from one airport to another.

Also, check the flight duration – five hours or less is efficient enough for a shorter trip, but still makes you feel like you’re having a proper holiday. Make sure your flight isn’t too long, though, as this will only eat into your precious holiday time. You want to see the world, after all, not just the interior of an aircraft cabin! For more on how to make your flight as successful as possible, check out the Secret Travellers Advice.

Do you love to travel but work full-time?
We’d love to hear your own tips for maximising travel opportunities, tell us in the comments below.

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